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              讓游客白天欣賞各具特色的自然景觀 夜晚體驗聲光電帶來的視覺震撼
              夜游項目利用高科技新媒體藝術效果 配合景區獨特的自然風光和風土人情
              打造別具一格的視聽盛宴 不僅豐富了游客的旅程體驗 更能夠深化旅游資源
              開發,延展旅游產業發展 提高景區的轉化率 在商業區域及娛樂項目中
              夜游概念植入同樣能起 到 大幅度提高人流聚集的效應 從而起到在各個層面
              改善商業環境 提升商業區域價值和優化商業結構的目的

              Huao media is a unique scenic tailored night tours
              Let visitors enjoy the unique natural landscape during the day,
              and experience the visual shock brought by sound and
              photoelectricity at night!
              Scenic area with unique natural scenery and local customs and
              practices high-tech new media art project using night effect
              Creating a unique audio-visual feast not only enriches the journey
              experience of tourists, but also deepens the tourism resources
              Development, extension of tourism industry development, improve
              the conversion rate of scenic spots in commercial areas and
              entertainment projects
              On the concept of implantation can also play greatly improve
              the effect of people gathering to play at all levels
              Improve the business environment, enhance the value of
              commercial areas and optimize the business structure