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              華奧傳媒創立于2007年 以視覺創意執行為市場切入點經過近10年


              1 夜游文化在旅游景區及商業娛樂中的應用

              2 新媒體藝術劇的制作與發行

              3 會展 演藝行業 內容及硬體整體解決方案


              公司于2015年12月完成股改 2016年5月成功掛牌新三板

              (證券代碼為:837505) 并于同期建成了國內首家面積10000余平米的


              為基本語言的新型藝術 它建立在數字技術的核心基礎上 也稱數碼藝術


              Huao media was founded in 2007

              by visual creative implementation after

              nearly 10 years of market entry point With the continuous

              accumulation and development, the three main plates are

              gradually formed Application of


              1 night culture in the tourist attractions
              and entertainment business in

              2 new media art drama production and distribution

              3 exhibition and performing arts industry content and
              hardware solutions


              The company completed the share reform in December 2015

              and successfully listed the new third board in May 2016

              (securities code: 837505) and the first domestic area of more

              than 10000 square meters in the same period New media art

              research base in China, new media art is a kind of optical

              media and electronic media The new art of basic language is

              based on the core of digital technology, also called digital art